About our School

10 years ago I had a dream. A dream of a school that provides quality education that is accessible to all classes of society. A school that encourages the innate talents of the students and a school with teachers that makes the saying Acharya Devo Bhava a reality.
Seeing Scholars Academy today, I believe that I have realized that dream! Seeing our students constantly performing at top levels and seeing our teachers drive them towards those results fills me with immense pride.
–  Shri. HM Kumar
Vice President
It brings me much joy when I see the community of our students, the parents, our teaching faculty and our management staff all interacting in a harmonious way and creating a sacred environment of learning!
When I see this community in action and constantly bringing about excellent results every year, I feel that I am inching towards the vision of imparting excellent education facilities to one and all.
– Smt. Sunanda Kumar
Providing an excellent infrastructure complete with modern classrooms, a well stocked library, sufficient sporting equipment that is accessible to all students, safe and comfortable transportation facilities along with proper security and surveillance systems to ensure security of our students, is absolutely necessary in order to provide a fulfilling environment of learning and teaching.
Scholars Academy has consistently grown over the past ten years and continues to do so as we keep adding newer, modern elements to our school’s infrastructure while ensuring that student and teacher performance is always at the tope level.

–  Yashanth Kumar
Managing Director
Indian culture places a strong emphasis on the Guru and the process of learning, so much so that teachers are considered next to God in our society. Providing and managing the facilities and infrastructure of a place of education is thus a noble and responsible mission.
Our students and teachers are always at the  focal point of this mission of ours. We strive to ensure that the students have a safe and stimulating environment for learning while also ensuring that our teachers have the best teaching aids to ensure effective knowledge transfer.
– Harshitha Kumar


Providing a safe and comfortable mode of transport for the children is a mandatory responsibility of the school. The school owns a fleet of both buses as well as vans all of them equipped with a state of the art fire extinguishers and mobile phones We abide by the Supreme Court directive of providing for a lady bus conductor and a lady guard only to ensure the safety of the children.

The teaching faculty of Scholar’s Academy vehemently supports the principle that teaching is an ennobling profession and they impart education taking only this dictum into perspective. The teacher’s are very much aware that the importance of the time spent by the children in the school away from the confines of their homes demands an empathetic ambiance where the student’s can nurture themselves and in the process of doing so re-discover their intrinsic potentials and capabilities and strve to excel in their chosen fields of endeavor. 

Our teaching staff is suitably qualified and possesses the necessary credentials to teach their respective subjects in a professional and comprehensive manner not to mention creating a student centric atmosphere. 

We at Scholar’s Academy has had a history of never ever forgetting our past in pursuit of gaining excellence in the future. We genuinely hope that you will remain connected, be an crucial part of our ever increasing network and spread the message of our school in the process of supporting the Secondary School students over a period of time.


The fantastic success of the school has been proven in our repeated Secondary School examination results. This could only have been achieved because of the single minded devotion and dedication of our staff who have never ever flinched to walk the proverbial extra mile in imparting quality education with a humane perspective.

1. Provide all facilities required to bring out the innate talents of our students

2. Make the process of learning and education more holistic by focussing on student needs

3. Provide a safe and secure environment for gaining knowledge

4. Instill necessary moral and ethical values in our students

5. Encourage and provide a platform for extra-curricular interests of our students

6. Provide a sturdy foundation for further academic interests of our students

Proud Moments