Our Past, Present and Future

It has since been a little over a decade sin the inception of Scholar’s Academy and introspecting about our momentous past has only filled us with pride and humility about not only our teaching staff and faculty but also the school’s infrastructure not to mention the crowning glory of the stupendous success ratio of our priceless students over the years on a continual basis. Our most venerated school is now a home for over 100 staff and teaching faculty and we are eternally hungry for more of them to become an integral part of our perpetually expanding family.

Meet our Class teachers

We have always believed in the basic principle that the teacher or the guru being the fountainhead of all knowledge. With this perspective in mind, we have hand-picked our teachers who impart knowledge with love, care and with an untainted thirst to give more than what they could have perhaps received. Each of the teacher in every class is fine tuned by us to not only deliver the best every time but also bring out the best in every child and leave the confines of the school only to face the world outside with panache and élan without ever forgetting their Alma Métier at any given point in time.


We pride ourselves in providing classes to the subjects that are part of the curriculum that have been incorporated by the Karnataka State Government including Science, Mathematics, Social Science, Environmental Science to mention a few.

Academic Calendar

We have set our Academic Calendar precisely in tune with the Karnataka State Government curriculum which also takes into account the extracurricular activities.


Our library is immensely stocked with well researched, educative and intellectually stimulating books that ignite the thinking of the students apart from stimulating their cognitive development.

Extra Curriculum

We teach kick boxing in school.

class on:   Friday     : 04:30 – 05:30 PM
               Saturday : 01:30 – 02:30 PM